Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Boys

  1. ADIN
  2. Aken
  3. awang
  4. asfie
  5. syafieq
  6. atong
  7. adzwan
  8. afiff marzuki
  9. farhan hayat
  10. hanif
  11. alif
  12. ????

my LIFE ♥

  • rara
  • syarifah
  • sis mumu
  • tamara
  • sheareena
  • kaka nazera
  • kaka amiera
  • lil vitoria
  • ????

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

That Boy ♥

Went out with the girls an before my eyes, There was this boy he lookd so fine. And he blew my mind, And I wished that he was mine, And I said hey wait up cos im off to speak to him. And my friends said(you'll never gona get him, never gonna get that boy) But I didn't care Cos I loved And he looked at me And the rest is history. cos you're never gonna get that boy .And you're never gonna get the girl. We spoke for hours She took off my trousers Spent the day laughing in the sun .We had funAnd my friends they all looked stunned (yeah yeah). (My friends said she's amazing and .How could i forget he rocks my world More than any other boy(Yeah yeah) She looked incredible, Just turned 16 ,I guess my friends were right, he's out of my leauge ,So what am I to do?he's to good to be true.But three days laterWent round to see himBut he was with another girl And I said fine But I never asked him whyAnd since then loneliness has been a friend of mine.My Friends said (Such a pity, sorry that you lost that boy)Sorry you slipped away.They told me every day,That it'll be ok .he rocks my world more than any other boy .im sorry girls . i've lost that boy . ahahaa .

That Boy rocks my world! yeahh ♥

i have two blogger (:

mm . i hve two blogger .i use both of them laa . just link me . this blog

my blog just simple . hope you enjoy it . if , you dont like . sokayy .its not my problem .
just link me if you want to.
i more on 2nd blogger .
oke la. that's all . i just want to says ; link me !(:


means ;

I-i will

H-hug u
E-eu love me

U-until forever !

so , do not hate me or i will hate you .. ahahah ! . i just want to tell you , if somebody hate you,just remember this words .

ini la aku sbnarnya . ugly aite? nduu.ahah . 13 sudaa . tahun dpan laa.ahah . boringggg aku ne . just , want to inform you . im nazera .

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

bored . bored . bored

hhu. im boreddddd ! xp . xda idea skrg ney . tu pun tgh typingg .hhaa . mm . i just want to says ; i have nothing .

-nazeraken- 11.06p.m

i try to be smile ☺

i try to be smile ☺ . but , i can't . hard for me . only my frens can me me smile . i need them now ! not my luck . nazera sedih d hati , happy d luar . i miss all my friends . i was thinkin . " am i careless"? smile ! smile ! smile ! smile ! smile ! i try to forget about aken . but , i can't , he make me laugh n me make smile . i love you aken ☺

-nazeraken- 10.47p.m

9th December 2009

erghh ! i ody break with the person that i really love ! && its AKEN ! huhuu . idk why ?!
dea ckp " syg , sblum syg kecewa . kita brek . abg alwys love you " urghhh ! budunyaa !
if he loves me ?! y he break with me ?! tolol pnya anak eh kau ne ! we break 10.10 p.m . broken heart ! i hate my life ! die ! die ! die ! die ! die ! hhuuu . ilovehim . y ? y? y?y? i know u'll will cheated on me ! urghh ! you faker!!!!! i trust you ! when i say " npa maw brek "? he says " im sorry syg . abg bz ne " amat la buduu !!! iloveyou aken . y you leave me alone ? :(((
-nazeraken- 10.19 p.m
WELCOME to packs ! hhee . this is a family of wolf ! hewolf . but , my heart only for EDWARD CULLEN ! he's my eveything ! iloveedward . i love the family wolf . because , they're strong , i think thats all .ahahaa . urghh . awesome ! so adorable
-nazeraken- 12.35 a.m


urgh! new moon . love this . maw tgk 3 times ou . so , romantic ! erhg, especially EDWARD CULLEN & BELLA . uhhh . mm. this is a CULLEN FAMILY . i want to be one of the family cullens.ahah . i want to be a vampire . i wish . <3

-nazeraken- 12.57 a.m

simple girl just a simple girl who need a true love . im single but available for hots boys.ahahaa . it doesnt matter if he ugly or what . but , at least he not ugly la.ahah . i love someone , but , i wish he with me . but , NO . n i was crying keep crying . i miss him

-nazeraken- 1.15a.m

result UPSR !

mm. 1st at all . 15 pipol got 5A'S at my school . so , im not one of them . hhe . my result upsr 1A2B2C .xda belajar la d ktakan . hho. well , im not smarter than my friends . im stupid sometimes . not listining to the teacher.ahaha . some pipols say : this year upsr is hard & some pipols says : this year upsr easy . so , i would choose both of them . XP . im just little bit regrets of my result . but , what to do , its my fault . xda blajar bgus2..ahaha . all my friends wants to cry eh before the result upsr . all oh them praying for thier on upsr result . that day , was very important of my life ! well , i just wait for PMR & SPM (:

-nazeraken- 2.39 a.m

Things Do To For Tomorow

  • wake up
  • breakfast
  • texting
  • take a shower
  • wtch a tv
  • onlining
  • sleep

-nazeraken- 3.06a.m


i think im fallin in love with someone . but , i love A K E N . but , he has a scandel . urgh. i think im fallin in love with someone . but , he loves another girl school at SMSM , fom 2 . huuhhuu . he fom 3 . school sanzac . i try to forget him . but , i can't . aken , im so sorry .you ensem,cute,baik,ambk berat,suka ksi tpop , but , i dont like him , aken alwys slalu ksi skit hati bh , mcm , dea mau jmpa pumpuan laa d cp . dea tgh sms ma pumpuan laa . eeeh ;( . adeii , not my luck . im scared if he cheated on me ;( i dun think bout that fr now laa. its fr my own good jua that. if me keep thinkin that he might cheated on me, smpai bila2 oso that i will think lke that. better dun think bout that. & try hv a heart to heart conversation with him. ;) , i will try aken to trust you .
-nazeraken- 3.35 a.m